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Hypnotherapy, Intrinsic Outcomes
Hypnosis is a natural state of mind.
  • Hypnosis can help with…

    • Smoking
    • Weight Management
    • Stress & Anxiety
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    • Fears
    • Phobias
    • Sleep Issues
    • Pain Management
    • Nail Biting
    • And more….
  • There are many misconceptions about hypnosis and below we comment on a few of them.

    “I don’t want to act like a chicken.”

    You have nothing to worry about. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It is not something that is done to you; rather, it’s something you do to yourself. It is a consent-state. You are in total control of the suggestions you accept during the hypnotherapy session. You can never be made to do anything against your will.

    “I don’t believe that I can be hypnotised.”

    Hypnosis is a naturally-occurring state that you have already experienced many times. For instance, when you daydream, drift off to sleep at night or just before you awaken in the morning or even when you drive your car and suddenly arrive at your destination and don’t really remember how you got there. Any person with normal intelligence can be hypnotised, If you ask the question, “Can I be hypnotised?” The answer is, “You already have been.”

    “Will I reveal information that I don’t want to?”

    You will not divulge any information that you don’t want to.

    “Is it possible that I won’t wake up from hypnosis?”

    It is impossible to get stuck in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, it is not sleep. It is where your conscious, critical mind is in a state of extraordinary relaxation and your subconscious mind is heightened and therefore suggestible. Valuable, positive suggestions can be presented to your subconscious mind resulting in a new belief, producing positive emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

Hypnotherapy results are obtained quickly and easily. Any negative, restricting beliefs are instantly replaced with positive, beneficial beliefs. In your first hypnotherapy session we will explore your problem, your desired outcomes and your goals. Time will be taken to discuss hypnosis fully and any questions answered. Then with your permission (as all hypnosis is a consent state) you will be guided into a pleasant and relaxing state of hypnosis. However, at the same time, your subconscious mind will be very aware and alert, ready to receive positive, beneficial life changing suggestions.

You will not be asleep. You will hear everything that is said. Hypno-psychoanalysis may be used during your subsequent sessions where and when necessary to discover the cause of your problem. Once found, the cause of your difficulties can then be made aware to your conscious mind and “learning and re-framing”, “release” and “forgiveness” can be experienced.


For many couples today, having a baby can be full of fear and apprehension. Birth can be both exciting and frightening! Every pregnant woman has her moments of doubt about the health of her baby. Talking about fear can help and even though it is impossible to allay all fears, sharing concerns with others puts problems into perspective.

Childbirth education involves the presentation of accurate, skills-based information to parents so they become well informed and take control of their pregnancy and birth. Understanding the body and its innate ability to birth is essential for reducing fear and encouraging relaxation.

  • Everywhere a pregnant woman turns she is confronted by messages that she will need “something” to help her get through the trials of labour. Trying to “suffer” the pain of contractions without assistance is being unnecessarily “brave” now that there are so many ways to ease or even stop the pain altogether. There is no doubt that the majority of women giving birth today are offered drugs during labour. Are these drugs safe for mother and the baby? It’s important for parents to be aware of all options available from fully medicalised to complementary —childbirth education provides this type education.

    One of the most important functions fulfilled by prenatal education program is to offer parents information about the many options and choices available to them during pregnancy and birth. It is important to ensure that parents are fully aware of the benefits and effects of treatments they are being offered, the subject of obstetric interventions is therefore a crucial part of childbirth education.

    Too many times parents lack the information they need, are asked to make a decision under duress, or are presented with options in such a way that they are gently led to make decisions that fit comfortably with caregiver’s and hospital’s protocols, rather than the parents’ expressed needs or desires.

Childbirth Education, Intrinsic Outcomes

Interested in finding out more about our services for fertility and birthing, and our online birthing course?


Counselling, Intrinsic Outcomes
Exploring thoughts and feelings together.

Counselling is a process of exploring thoughts and feelings with another individual that can relieve the sense of overwhelm about problems. The purpose of counselling is to move the individual from a position of self doubt or insecurity to one where they feel more in control; to give back choice in life and hopefully the confidence to use that choice. A collaborative relationship develops with the intent of alleviating distress and rekindling hope.

Many situations in life leave us feeling powerless with a feeling of having no choices. Through counselling, a person may obtain a greater sense of self knowledge and understanding which can enhance self esteem, improve a person’s sense of choice and may promote the feeling that life can be enjoyed rather than endured.

  • The benefits of counselling may include (but are not limited to):

    • Give you a better understanding of yourself and to understand how the past influences and shapes thoughts and behaviour as you relate to your world.
    • Understanding yourself better helps you to understand others better.
    • Assists in managing stress and meeting life’s challenges.
    • Increases confidence and positivity.
    • Increases choice and helps provide direction.
    • Counselling doesn’t do away with difficult times but provides you with greater inner resources to manage them.


Kinesiology uses the process of muscle monitoring to identify imbalances in the body’s structural, chemical, emotional or energetic fields. These imbalances may be conscious or unconscious and the stress reactions are reflected as symptoms which may occur physically, psychologically or emotionally. If we cannot adapt appropriately, we will eventually develop symptoms and feel unwell.

The foundation of Kinesiology is that the body has innate healing energy and once the body’s priority healing needs are established, change can be created through a process of both manual and non-manual therapeutic procedures.

It is a non-invasive and effective healing modality that promotes physical and emotional wellbeing by finding the cause of the health issue rather than treating the symptoms.

Kinesiology, Intrinsic Outcomes
A non-invasive and effective
healing approach.
  • Kinesiology can be used to treat…

    • Neck and Back Pain
    • Stress
    • Depression
    • Fears and Phobias
    • Learning Difficulties
    • Headaches
    • General Ill Health
    • Anxiety
    • Chronic Fatigue
    • Addictions

    Kinesiology can improve…

    • Confidence
    • Relationships
    • Communication/Public Speaking
    • Vision
    • Self Esteem
    • Performance – Sport
    • Posture

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